10 Ways to Present Your Boudoir Gift

Boudoir photography makes a very special gift – one that your man will never, ever forget. It doesn’t really matter how you choose to present it to him, because he’s going to be bowled over regardless, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it! Whether you’re surprising him before your wedding, as an anniversary gift, as a thank you or just because you want to, there are plenty of ways you can make this a moment he never, ever forgets!

  1. Sneak one of the images onto his phone and set it as the background picture. Next time he goes to check his emails, there you will be!
  2. Set up a trail for his journey home from work. Tape one picture to the dash in his car, another just inside the front door, one more at the bottom of the stairs and so on. Combine the surprise factor with the excitement of seeing those photos and, by the time he reaches you in the bedroom, we’re betting you’ll be in for quite the evening!
  3. Gift wrap an album and tuck it under his pillow with a message to tell him how much you love him and why you took those pictures just for him.
  4. Send him one of the photos as an email or instant message – preferably one that doesn’t feature your face. Let him feel puzzled for a few minutes as he figures out why you’ve sent it – and then let him know where he should look to find the rest of them!
  5. Hang three canvas prints over your bed while he’s out of the house. No need to mention them – he’ll notice the moment he walks in the room!
  6. If your careers often keep you apart for periods of time, send him an email (or even a snail mail!) every day during the build-up to the next time you’ll be together. While he’s enjoying the anticipation of that daily message, you can hint that you have an even bigger surprise for him waiting at home!
  7. If you’re following tradition and spending the night before your wedding apart, why not leave him a gift-wrapped album in his room? It’ll give him plenty to think about while he waits for your wedding night…
  8. Turn it into a treasure hunt. Tell him you have a special surprise for him, but he’s going to have to work for it. Give him clues that he can only answer – facts about your relationship together that are wonderful memories for both of you. At the end of the hunt, he’ll find an album that’ll make his eyes pop!
  9. Ask a delivery service to bring the photographs to him (gift wrapped, if you like your privacy!). Order a pizza or some flowers and have your man answer the door – he won’t be expecting to get a gift along with his food!
  1. Wrap up his album surrounded by the lingerie you wore for your session. He’ll find his album and be able to see you in the pieces later on that night 😉

Picked your presentation idea but still need the boudoir photographs to surprise him with? No problem, we’re ready and waiting to set your session date – contact us now!

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