5 Ideas for Boudoir Manicures

In a boudoir session, the camera picks up every detail. Every wisp of hair, every gorgeous eyelash – and, of course, your perfectly painted nails. If you’ve chosen your outfits and decided on your makeup, now it’s time to select the right manicure to complement your look!

Your manicure is one of those subtle additions to a boudoir session that lets you inject a little of your personality into the shoot. It can be quirky, classic, sexy, cute – the choice is entirely yours. To help you get started, we’ve picked five of our favourite manicure looks to give you a few ideas:

  1. Simple and Neutral: Just because your nails are a neutral colour with a demure gloss doesn’t mean they aren’t going to catch the eye. The gloss can draw the viewer’s eye, which can really complement the right pose. Imagine, for example, your perfect nails resting just under your chin or on your thigh, drawing attention to exactly the feature you want your viewers to be paying attention to. For this look, try just a simple nude base coat with one of polish and a top coat to hold it all together.
  2. Pastel Chic: If you prefer just a little dash of colour, why not opt for a pastel pink or peach. This tiny touch can perform exactly the same role as the neutral nail, except in this case you can select your shade to match or complement your makeup, lingerie, shoes or all three.
  3. Touch of Glitter: Just as a very subtle piece of jewelry can add an extra flavour to your images, so too can a little splash of glitter on your nails. We don’t necessarily recommend going full glitter, but a subtle undercoat or glittered tips can look great in your shots.
  4. Colour Splash: If quirky is your chosen style, a bright nail in any colour of the rainbow can look amazing. Be aware, of course, that a bright colour is going to grab attention and direct it away from the rest of the photograph. It’s a bold statement, but a great one if you’re sure it’s the statement you want to make!
  5. Classic and Sultry: Deep reds, pinks and even purples can look incredibly sexy with dark lingerie and makeup. A lot of our clients like to go for the “sexy siren” look during their boudoir sessions and it’s not hard to understand why! Again, dark nails can pull attention, so be sure to match them carefully with your lingerie choices and, if possible, the shade of your lipstick.

Whatever your choice, there’s really only one rule that you should always try to follow: the more perfect your nails, the better they will look on camera. Your boudoir manicure is definitely a task for the night before your session!

Ready to get started with the boudoir experience? We can’t wait to work with you to create your ideal look! Contact us right now to book your slot!

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