5 Things to Avoid Before Your Boudoir Shoot

You’ve booked a boudoir shoot to create memories: you want photographs that capture how gorgeous and sexy you are right now, to treasure forever this moment. We want you to go home with images that bring a sparkle of pleasure to your eyes, so we’ve whipped up this list of things NOT to do before your boudoir shoot to make sure everything goes exactly to plan!

We strongly recommend that, in the days before your session, you avoid…

  1. Getting a tan: Yes, a tan does look wonderful in your photographs and, no, there’s no reason you should be pale as an English rose. But one thing you should be aware of is that the camera has a habit of exaggerating color and can make you look a little more orange than you’d like. Not to mention that spray tans sometimes run and could stain your gorgeous lingerie and our sheets – which can be difficult to get rid of in post processing! If you would like to get a tan before your session, we recommend doing so about a week before your shoot date.
  2. Crash dieting: We all seem to do it, don’t we? Book a vacation, a wedding date or a boudoir shoot with the thought at the back of our heads that we can easily lose a few pounds before the day gets here. The trouble is, a crash diet will often leave your hair and skin dulled and leech the sparkle from your eyes, which is definitely not going to be your best look on camera. Don’t worry, you’re going to look incredible – and please know that your natural glow is much more important to the finished result than that pesky pound or two you were hoping to lose!
  3. Wearing tight clothes: There’s a lot that the magic of post processing can achieve, but getting rid of skin indents and marks from elastic waistbands, socks and tight sleeves isn’t always one of them. The looser the clothing you wear for the 24 hours before your shoot, the more flawless your skin will be when you get in front of the camera!
  4. Getting a haircut: There are few things in life that drain a woman’s confidence more quickly than a bad haircut. Whether you thought a dramatic new look would be a great idea but ended up hating it or a mishap took place with the scissors, trust us when we say your discomfort is going to show up in your final images. Play it safe – if you want to get your hair cut, do it at least a couple of weeks before your boudoir shoot!
  5. Partying hard: Even if your boudoir shoot is part of the celebrations for your wedding, milestone birthday or graduation, please trust us that you’ll regret a hangover more than usual if it’s on display in front of the lens. Puffy eyes, bloating, even headaches and nausea all have their effect on how you look and feel – and I think we can all agree that mid-hangover is not a time of feeling super sexy for anyone! Rich and salty foods and takeout can also worsen this effect, adding to your dehydration and bloating.

Just these few things to avoid and you’ll be feeling perfect when your big day arrives! Don’t forget, we’re waiting for your call so we can book your session and start that countdown – contact us at the studio right now to get started!

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