8 Tips for Perfect Boudoir Makeup

If you’re not planning to book a stylist as part of your boudoir photography experience, you might be wondering how to use your mascara brush to bring out your best during the session. It’s definitely true that the camera is looking for something very specific that might not match your usual makeup style, so here are our top tips to make sure you look amazing!

  1. Off then On: Make sure you’re working with a fresh and pure palette! The day before your boudoir photography session, be sure to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize well so that your skin is glowing and perfect on the day itself.
  2. Pick a Feature: The golden rule of makeup, as you know, is to choose a feature and accentuate it, leaving the rest of your face more natural. Eyes, cheeks or mouth, it’s your choice. This is particularly true for a photography shoot because makeup tends to appear stronger in an image than it does in real life. Dark eyes complement nude lips and light eyes work best with heavier lipstick.
  3. Smoking Eyes: The smoky eyed look is the most popular among our clients at Honeybourne Studios – and for good reason. Practice using your eyeshadow, mascara and liner to create a smoky look that will really bring them out. You can make this work with lighter shades even if you’ve chosen your lips as your standout feature.
  4. Blitz that Hair: The camera sees all, so be sure that you set aside some time the night before to pluck those eyebrows to perfection. You’d be surprised how well a stray hair can show up on film! Of course, we can always touch up the images after your shoot to remove these sins, but you’ll want to be happy with your eyebrow shape on the day.
  5. Lashings of Lashes: Don’t be afraid of false lashes! They can be a pain to apply if you’re not used to them, but you can usually find expert advice online or at your local department store makeup counter. Mascara, of course, should be applied to have no clumps as these, too, will show up for the camera.
  6. Shade Those Brows: Whether or not you usually shade your eyebrows, it can be a good idea for a photo session. Doing so will add even more shape to them – which in turn adds expressiveness – and will make sure any gaps or changes in thickness are smoothed out.
  7. Concealing Tones: You can use concealer not only to hide any flaws that Mother Nature decided to spring on you just in time for the shoot, but also to balance out your skin tone for a flawless complexion. Consider adding concealer under your eyes, around your nostrils and anywhere else that your skin appears a different color or more translucent.
  8. Powder Your Nose: If your skin tends towards shiny, you can create a matte look by adding powder on top of your foundation. Even if you wouldn’t normally layer up that heavily, the camera won’t pick it up.

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