Choosing Lingerie for Your Body Shape

The secret to a boudoir photography shoot is simple: you need to look good, and you need to know you look good. When both of these things are true, you will leave the studio feeling amazing and thrilled with the images in your boudoir album – this we can guarantee!

At Honeybourne Intimates, we know that making this happen is equally simple. A woman wearing lingerie that suits and flatters her will find her confidence at an all-time high when the camera starts to click.

That’s why we are always on hand to help our clients choose their wardrobe for the photoshoot, guiding you towards items that fit perfectly and look amazing on your body shape. The selection process is important for your confidence levels because the right piece of lingerie both accentuates the parts of you that you adore and tones down the parts you aren’t quite so fond of.

  • Apple Shape: Women with this body shape have a wider waistline than hips and bust. A babydoll is an excellent choice for an apple shape as it accentuates your cleavage and shapely legs while covering your midsection. It is probably best to avoid bra and panty sets and choose nicely fitted corsets or bustiers as they define your waist and are great for an instant tummy tuck!
  • Pear Shape: If you have wide hips compared to your shoulders and a clearly defined waist, you may want to choose lingerie that will create more of a balance between the top and bottom of your torso. It can do this by highlighting your upper half which will tone down your hips. The key detail to look for is a bra with lots of detail – and some padding, if you prefer – matched with a very simple pair of panties. Keeping the lower half simple and the upper half busy will naturally balance your body out. Try to avoid baby doll nighties, as these almost always make you look wide.
  • Hourglass Shape: Lucky you if this is your shape, because there’s very little you need your lingerie to do to balance you out! An hourglass figure has similar measurements for bust and hips and a smaller waist. Our only recommendation here is to make sure that your lingerie fits perfectly – and consider a bra and panty set to really show off that shape!
  • Rectangle Shape: If you have a rectangle shape, your three main measurements (bust, waist, hips) are all very similar. It’s not difficult to add definition to your curves, you need only choose a push-up or padded bra to accentuate your bust and a high waisted pair of panties or a garter belt to give the appearance of an hourglass shape. Look for detail on both the bra and panties to create a difference between those areas and your waist. You can also create beautiful curves in the middle with a corset or bustier.

These are the four main body shapes, but there are a couple more details to bear in mind: firstly, is your torso short or long? If it’s the latter, err towards low-rise underwear to lengthen your torso; if your torso is long, aim for higher waisted panties or body suits to lengthen your legs.

You might also want to consider your accessories. A pair of high heels will always lengthen and shape your legs, while a sparkling piece of jewelry can draw the eye to a particular part of your body.

However, none of the above really matters if your lingerie doesn’t fit well. Whatever your body shape, or lingerie style, please ensure that your lingerie is not so small that it pinches and pushes your flesh up and over it. I cannot stress the importance of this enough – go a size up if needed -you will actually look bigger if your lingerie is too small for you.  Equally, lingerie which is too large is far from flattering.  You don’t want a gap between your breasts and your bra.  Make sure to try on your lingerie before your session (you’d be surprised at how many don’t!)

Whatever you choose, we want you to fall in love with your lingerie – the more eager you are to change into it, the better! Please also bear in mind that this guide is meant only to help you make your choices and we completely advocate a little rule-breaking if that’s what makes you feel sexy. The more you adore your outfit choices, the more you’ll enjoy your photoshoot – and that’s what this experience is all about!

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