Client Privacy

We love to show off our beautiful clients at Honeybourne Intimates, but we also have a strict privacy policy. Whether your images remain completely private or take a starring role on our website is entirely up to you – we will never show your images without your express permission.

If you would prefer that your images do not appear on our website and blog, that’s absolutely fine. Rest assured that we will always ask you before publishing your images in any publically visible place. If you are happy to let us show you off, that’s great! We have a model release form available that will allow us use your images.

We will also never use your full name in association with your photographs. Instead, we will always refer to you by initial to ensure your continued privacy.

Your photographer will explain the details of our privacy policy and offer you the opportunity to sign a model release form after your Intimate Session, but we will never pressure you into doing so if you are in any way unsure. Of course, if you change your mind once you have seen those sexy shots, just let us know!

All images that appear on this website and in any material published by Honeybourne Intimates are used with permission. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to contact the studio!