An Intimate Session is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, far removed from family portraits and snapshots. Because your Toronto boudoir session is not an everyday activity, it’s natural to have questions about the process and what to expect once you arrive at the studio.

The information in this FAQ has been tailored to address the questions and concerns we hear most often from our clients. From choosing your wardrobe to collecting your products, we have done our best to cover every aspect of your experience.

If your question is not answered on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at the studio.

What is Intimate Photography?

Intimate Photography is a style of portraiture that captures a woman’s beauty to be treasured for a lifetime. As women, we spend countless hours and endless money in taking care of ourselves. We invest in beauty products and services, choose our clothing and accessories with care and follow fitness regimes and even purchase plastic surgery in the quest to feel beautiful. Intimate Photography documents these efforts, immortalising them in unique portraits that show off just how gorgeous you are. At Honeybourne Intimates, we offer every woman, no matter your age or body type, the opportunity to commission an artistic and personal collection of stunning, modern portraits. We flatter all your best features and provide you with an experience like no other. Though an Intimate Session is often utilised to create a romantic gift for a significant other, the experience is all about you.

Can I save and print my proof pictures instead of purchasing them from you?

It is a common misconception that it is fine to right-click and save the proofs in a gallery, either to print or display on social media. It is actually illegal to reproduce, scan, print, download or copy these images in any way. After your session, your photographer will spend a great deal of time and effort to retouch and perfect your images in the digital darkroom. We do this to make sure that your photographs are of the quality and excellent you should expect from Honeybourne Intimates. We ask only that you respect our art and livelihood and follow the laws that protect them. If we allowed theft of our boudoir images, we would be unable to stay in business and offer this unique service to women.

How do I prepare for my Boudoir Session?

We will send you a guide after you book your session that covers all the important elements of preparing for your photoshoot, from that all-important wardrobe selection to skin care, tanning, hair touch-ups and moisturising.

Can you supply hair and makeup services?

We strongly encourage our clients to trust the professionals with hair and make-up – it really can make all the difference to your finished images. You can choose to invest in hair, make-up or both and will be provided with details at the time of your booking.

What should I bring to my boudoir photoshoot? Do you provide wardrobe?

We do not supply wardrobe to our clients as we prefer to capture personal and meaningful items. We do, however, have some great suggestions to help you purchase or select the right wardrobe.

Please include a range of lingerie items in your photoshoot wardrobe, as well as accessories such as shoes and jewellery. We will work with you to create the look you are hoping for and to ensure that the items you wear are both flattering and camera-friendly. We also suggest that you include a few different options to increase the variety of your finished images.

By lingerie, we mean the entire range of sexy possibilities, such as teddies, camisoles, garters, thigh-high stockings, chemises, camisoles and robes, as well as bra and pant sets. Brides may want to consider including your favourite white lingerie – or even the outfit you have planned for your wedding night – and we can provide a white garter and veil to complete the look. For plus-size clients or those with “problem” areas you would prefer to hide, we suggest supportive boned corsets, teddies and chemises.

We also suggest bringing a selection of boots and heels, as well as jewellery, scarves and even a few items from his wardrobe, such as hats, shirts, jerseys and ties. We encourage you to accessorize your photoshoot exactly to your tastes to make it as personal as possible. Please feel free to browse our galleries for a little extra inspiration!

I have a little problem area that I don’t want to show on camera – can you help?

Our aim is to flatter your features, no matter which of them you do or do not like. Regardless of your age or shape, we specialise in ensuring that all women have the same incredible opportunity to commission a personal collection of incredible portraits. Honeybourne Intimates will always provide you with a unique way to display your beauty and understands that no two women are the same. As well as ensuring that we focus on the parts you like best and avoid the parts you are less comfortable with, we offer advanced retouching to perfect your skin and the contours of your body, enhance your best features and touch up your hair. We cover every little detail, from wrinkles and scars to cellulite and stretch mark, to ensure that you’re looking your very best. We know that every woman worries about the little imperfections, so we make sure that everything is covered.

If you have a “problem area”, please do let us know beforehand. We use advanced posing techniques specifically to emphasise all those positives and hide the little problem patches. We also suggest supportive boned corsets, teddies and chemises to provide a little extra support and slimming and hide the areas you would prefer not to show.

Will my session be with a female photographer?

We understand that an intimate experience like boudoir portraiture works best when you can feel comfortable and confident in the studio. To reassure both you and the man in your life that we will be respectful and professional at all times, Honeybourne Intimates is an all-female team, from the make-up and hair artists to the photographer and retouch artist.

When can I see my images?

We will select the best images from your photoshoot and make them available for viewing within 14 days. You will be able to browse your proofs in a completely private gallery, protected by a password. Please remember that downloading, copying, printing or saving these proofs is a violation of Federal Copyright Law. Your gallery will remain available for 4 days to give you plenty of time to choose your final images.

How many images will there be to choose from?

We capture a wide range of images during your Intimate Session and put each of them through a careful selection process. If an image does not meet the high standards and artistic eye of your photographer, it will not appear in your gallery. Images that features closed eyes, unflattering poses or duplicates will be removed permanently, but the best 30 photographs will be included for you to choose from.

Will my images appear on your website or in your studio?

We only ever show images on our blog and website and display them in the studio with the client’s express permission. We will offer you an optional and completely voluntary model release form at the end of your session. If you decide you would prefer not to sign it, rest assured that your images will never be seen by any person aside from the employees of Honeybourne Studio. We always respect that our clients do not necessarily want their images to be shared.

I have a friend who is excited to book an intimate session too – can I refer her?

Absolutely! For every new client you refer to Honeybourne Intimates and books her own session, we would be delighted to offer you a $100 studio credit towards another session with Honeybourne Intimates or Honeybourne Studio. Our referral program allows you to earn as much as you like, just by spreading the word! Our referral credits will be awarded once we have received the full session fee from the new client.

Can I give an Intimate Session as a gift?

Of course! We offer gift certificates for both products and session fees upon request.

I have another question that isn’t listed here.

If we haven’t answered your question, please do contact us at the studio via info@honeybourneintimates.com We would be more than happy to speak with you on an individual basis and answer any questions you may still have.