How to have smooth and sexy skin in the boudoir

If there’s one thing about boudoir photography that’s different to the other photoshoots you may have taken part in, it’s just how much of your skin is going to be on show. Smooth, glowing and sexy skin is the secret to a perfect Toronto boudoir shoot – so here are some tips to help you make sure yours is utterly perfect before the big day!

  • If you prefer tanned skin to pale, feel free to self-tan before your Toronto boudoir shoot – but make sure you book your session a few days before the photoshoot itself. We also recommend a glow of tan rather than a deep colour, which can be overly exaggerated by the camera.
  • For the week before your session, make sure to pay special attention to your usual beauty routine. Keep your skin cleansed and toned and, above all else, moisturized. Go a little crazy the night before the session, too – the more supple your skin, the more the camera is going to love it!
  • If you feel like booking a facial before your session, we suggest setting the date at least a few days before your photoshoot. Facials are great for the skin, but can also bring out those blemishes before curing them – especially if it’s not something you do very often.
  • Face masks are also a good idea a few days before the session to remove any imperfections and nourish your skin. Again, this isn’t something we recommend the night before!
  • Drink extra water during the week before your session – there’s nothing like hydration to add an amazing glow. Avoid greasy foods that might cause you to break out, keep out of the sun in case of burns and tan lines and stay away from alcohol if you are able.
  • Like hydration, rest is your skin’s true friend. For at least two nights before your photoshoot, make sure you don’t skimp on that beauty sleep. Full rest will take care of any bags under your eyes and will promote your skin’s glossiness and health.
  • Try gentle dry brushing in the shower if you have dry skin that needs exfoliation. The added benefit of doing this is the boost it gives to your circulation, which again adds to the gorgeous look of your skin. (Another one, by the way, to schedule in a couple of days before your shoot rather than on the big day!)
  • On the day of your shoot itself, use lotion all over your body. Firming lotion works well to tighten up the skin for the camera, but do avoid anything oily for the sake of the lens.
  • If you are worried about bags under your eyes, you can use cucumber slices, tea bags or a cold compress the night before your session to revitalize your whole eye area.

Ready to give that gorgeous skin the attention it deserves in the boudoir? Call us right now to book your boudoir session and get started!

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