Pick a Pose: 5 Boudoir Poses to Practice at Home

There are so many ways to show off your favourite assets during a boudoir photography session that it’s impossible to boil our pose list down without missing out one or two. On the other hand, we know some of our lovely ladies like to practice their pouts before the big day, so consider this your crash course in boudoir posing basics!

  1. Relaxed on the Bed: Start your boudoir photography session off right with this relaxing and easy pose. Lie on your back with your knees bent upwards so your feet are on the bed, with your heels touching the mattress. Keep your knees together, but kick your feet out slightly to the side. Your photographer will be shooting down the length of your body from your head, so tilt your face to the side and slightly upwards with your cheek almost touching the bed. Arch your back slightly and drape your arm up towards your shoulder. Now simply relax into it!
  2. Arched Back: You can switch to this pose easily from the first one. Simply keep your shoulders flat on the bed while turning your knees to one side, keeping your legs pressed together. Your bottom leg should now be flat against the mattress. Turn your head in the opposite direction and drape a hand gracefully by your face or on your bra strap. Arch your back again to stretch out your torso.
  3. The Centerfold: This is the pose many of our clients want to see in the center pages of their album, so we dubbed it accordingly! Still laid in the same position as pose two, bend your knees up so they are almost at right angles to your body while keeping your shoulders flat against the bed. Bring the arm on the same side as your knees up above your body – let it drape over the top of your head, touching your hair. With your other hand, gently touch your cheek. Look directly above you, but tilt your head very slightly in the opposite direction to your knees.
  4. Edge of the Bed: This pose is exactly as it sounds – we’re heading for the edge of the bed! Lie back on the bed with your head just at the edge so that the natural curve of the mattress pulls it slightly back. Lean back so that your chin is pointing straight up to the ceiling and drape on arm backwards so that your elbow is doing the same. Place your other hand on your bra strap or shoulder.
  5. Curves on Show: Roll over onto your front and stretch your lower arm straight out in front of you so that you can rest your head on it (position yourself so your temple is on your arm, rather than your cheek). Rest your other hand gently on your forearm, just in front of your face. Keep your body fully extended, kicking out your hip a little to accentuate your curves and bending your top knee over the bottom one to touch the bed.

It’s as easy as that – and you’ll be amazed at just how many unique shots we can create with just these simple poses! Watch out for more practice-at-home-poses coming very soon! And in the meantime, we’re waiting for your call to book your session and put all that practice into action – contact us at the studio right now to get started!

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