Pick a Pose: 5 More Boudoir Poses to Practice at Home

Ready for more beautiful poses to practise before your boudoir photography session? We’ve put together five more for you to try – and we guarantee they’ll help you look absolutely stunning in your photographs!

  1. Under the Sheets: This pose is fantastic if you’re not feeling completely confident about your boudoir photography session and you’d like to try something easy to help you relax. It works best if you’re fully naked underneath the sheet but that’s completely up to you – it’s also incredibly sexy if you’re wearing lingerie! Simply lay on your side and stretch out your body, holding the sheet against you. Place a mirror in front of you and play around with how much of your skin you want to show outside the sheet and what you’d prefer to leave to the imagination!
  2. Cute Butt: If you’re rightfully proud of your posterior, this pose is for you. Lay on your front, propping yourself up on your elbows, and lift your lower legs at right angles to the bed with your toes touching. Make sure your back is arched and you’re ready for the shot!
  3. Stretched and Sexy: We love this pose for showing off your legs and abdomen. Rest your elbows behind you on the edge of the bed with both of your feet on the floor – preferably while wearing your favourite pair of high heels. Now arch your abdomen, lean your head back towards the bed so your nose is pointing to the ceiling and place one of your feet slightly behind the other. Hold still, that’s perfect!
  4. The Mattress Cuddle: This pose is great for placing the focus on your beautiful face. Cuddle up to the edge of the bed while sitting on the floor, with your feet tucked up behind you. Use one hand to support your head, placing it at the base of your skull, and rest the other on the edge of the mattress. Kick out one hip to really show off the gorgeous curve of your back and look a little over your shoulder or along the length of your upper arm.
  5. In Silhouette: We’re moving over to the window for this one to take advantage of the light. Your body will be cast in shadow, showing just the shape of your body and a hint of the details. Stand to the side and arch your back as far as you can, with the hand nearest the window about your head so that the elbow curls around your face. Place the other hand behind you to rest it on your butt, with the elbow bent. Now place your weight on the leg nearest the window and bend the other knee, tipping your chin upwards slightly. Voila!

It’s as easy as that – and you’ll be amazed at just how many unique shots we can create with just these simple poses! Don’t forget, we’re waiting for your call so we can book your session and put all that practice into action – give us a call at the studio right now to get started!

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