Pout, Smize and Smoulder in the Boudoir

When you look at sexy images of models, movie stars and your fellow ladies in the boudoir, what’s the first thing you notice? We’re betting it’s the sensual pouts on their faces, the come hither look and that magical something that makes you gaze right into their eyes and never want to look away.

You are going to look just that enticing in your own Toronto boudoir shoot. If it’s something you’ve never tried before, worry not – we can help you prepare ahead of time so that, by the time the camera starts clicking, you’re ready to focus your gaze right into that lens.

We recommend practicing in front of the bathroom mirror, on your own, so that you have the privacy to try things out without an audience. As with most things in life, practise makes perfect!

  1. First, think about your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, lover – whoever it is you’d like to slide between the sheets with tonight. Imagine they are standing in front of you behind a glass panel – they can see you, but they can’t hear a word you want to say. Now tell them with just your eyes how much you want them. Your face will naturally follow suit.
  2. Hold that look on your face. Now, inspect it in the mirror – is it giving the message you hoped it would? Feel free to tweak it slightly and don’t be afraid to exaggerate just a little bit for the sake of the camera. Once you are happy with your look, hold it right there so that you can feel exactly which muscles go where. Give yourself that look every time you pass a mirror from now until your session so that you can slip into it instantly and easily when the camera starts clicking.
  3. Now for the “smize” – made famous by Tyra Banks. A smize is a smile that doesn’t show up on your lips – only in your eyes. This one can take a little practise, too, because your natural reaction will be to give a big grin. Keep trying until you can convey a knowing amusement with just your gaze. You’ll need to relax completely, then break out into the widest and most sincere smile you can. The part you’ll want to practise is then allowing your mouth and face to relax completely while maintaining that look in your eyes.
  4. To perfect the pout, allow your lower lip to relax and drop just enough to give a little glimpse into your mouth. This is another one you can play with – trust us from our own practise experience, it’s all too easy for pouty to turn into dopey! Again, keep practising until you love the look of your pout and you can “switch it on” at will.
  5. You needn’t be looking into the camera to make an impact. This is harder to practise in the mirror, but feel free to ask a friend to help you with some practise shots. Throw your head back and laugh with abandon, exposing that beautiful look. Lean forwards and gaze down ahead of you, sensual and demure. Look straight ahead but away from the camera, wistfully into the distance. Again, the more you practise, the easier you’ll find these to do when the camera is clicking.

Ready to book your Toronto boudoir shoot and turn that practise into amazing photographs you’ll treasure for a lifetime? Contact us to book your slot right now!

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