“I was worried that I’d feel really awkward being half-dressed in front of strangers, but Kathy made me feel so comfortable and I think you can tell that from my pictures!” – Sara P.

“I think my favourite part was getting ready – isn’t that always the way? Kathy helped me decide what to wear and how to prepare, then I booked in with the hairdresser and make-up lady and they dolled me up to the nines. It was so much fun, worth every cent and I walked into that studio feeling like a movie star.” – Yvonne O.

“If I was to recommend Honeybourne Intimates to a friend, I’d tell her that she can trust Kathy completely. All she would need to do is follow Kathy’s guidance and her pictures would be absolutely perfect.” – Teri R.

“I think every woman should get to experience a boudoir session with Kathy, I really do. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat, even for someone who didn’t think they’d be any good at it, and I’d tell them they are in for a big surprise!” – Jacqueline R.

“I wanted a session as an anniversary gift for my husband, but I didn’t think I’d be able to afford it. Kathy was so helpful in working out my payment plan with me and walking me through the products and I ended up with a lot more than I expected including a wonderful album. The other half is going to be ecstatic!” – Lori R.

“I don’t have the most glamorous job and I’m a mom of two kids, so I don’t get a lot of opportunities to dress up. Not only did I get to look my best for this session, I got to take home pictures to prove I can look just as good as any model!” – Ashley M.

“A boudoir session with Honeybourne Intimates isn’t just about the album you take home, it’s a whole package. I think that the being pampered beforehand, the experience of the photoshoot and coming back to see your pictures are all part of that package, and every bit of it was amazing.” – Paula S.

“When I saw the photos of all those good-looking women, I didn’t think for a second that I could look like them. My sister bought me a session for my birthday and I nearly cancelled, but I decided to be brave. I’ve got a lot of thanking to do now, because I’ve never seen myself look that good!” – Kimberly B.

“I loved seeing my photos for the first time. I went back to the studio so Kathy could show me in person and I was completely blown away. Who knew little old me could look like that?” – Candice H.

“I didn’t think I was the kind of person who would look glamorous in a photoshoot. I think Kathy’s exact words were that every woman is beautiful and should celebrate her body, so I took the plunge and I’m really glad I did.” – Melissa H.

“What I loved best about my boudoir shoot was how easy it was. All I had to do was follow Kathy’s guidance and trust that she was making me look fab. Which she was!” – Kerry H.

“I’d say forget the rest and go for the best, if a friend asked me about the studio. I’d stake a bet that you couldn’t find another photographer who’s this talented, especially when the prices are so reasonable. Honeybourne Intimates ticks every single box.” – Melanie K.



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