Shoes in the Boudoir

Ever notice how sexy a simple pair of shoes can be? Heeled, strapped, adorned with studs or flowers…it really doesn’t seem to matter. A pair of shoes can be the perfect finishing touch for your boudoir photography session outfits, so we always encourage our ladies to think about adding a few pairs to their wardrobe.

The shoes you choose for your own boudoir photography session will be entirely up to you, but we thought it might come in handy if we gave you a few pointers to help you make your selections. So, as you get to choosing, here are our tips for making the perfect choice:

  • High heels are always a good choice because they lengthen your legs and enhance your natural gorgeousness. Flats, on the other hand, add a “full stop” to the end of your legs and can either shorten them or, at the very least, won’t do much to lengthen them.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t walk that well in your chosen shoes – you won’t be hiking in the studio! If need be, you can always put your shoes on once you reach the set and take them off again before you move anywhere.
  • The camera will notice if your shoes don’t fit well, so avoid any straps that are too tight and press into your skin or too-small soles that make your toes dangle over the end. The better the fit, the better the shoes will look and the better you will look wearing them!
  • Unless you’re choosing a pair of shoes because they have great meaning to you, we recommend avoiding any worn pairs. Scuffs on the bottom and other marks elsewhere will show up in the images and mar the perfection of your outfit. Of course, if you want to wear your wedding stilettos and they have a couple of grass marks on one side, we’re not going to stop you from adding that meaning to your shoot!
  • We love seeing quirky colours and styles in our clients’ wardrobes and fully encourage you to play with your combinations! We do also recommend bringing at least one pair of black stilettos, as these will look good in almost any shot.
  • Knee high boots, particularly with laces, can look incredibly sexy on camera, especially with garters and stockings or thigh high socks.

If you need help choosing, don’t hesitate to ask – we’re always ready and willing to help here at Honeybourne Intimates! Contact us right now to book that session and get those sexy feet on camera where they belong!

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