The Night Before Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Your boudoir photoshoot is coming up soon and you’re so excited to see the end result, but not quite so sure what you should be doing right this minute. The night before your session, how can you prepare – and how can you make sure that nothing goes wrong? Look no further – we’ve put together a handy checklist for you!

  • Avoid alcohol for at least the night before your boudoir photoshoot – a couple of nights, if you can manage it. Alcohol will dehydrate you and prevent you from getting the good night’s sleep you need to be at your most radiant.
  • Steer away from salty foods and processed foods as much as possible. Salt can make you swell and the grease from takeaways and processed meals can make your skin break out or appear greasy. Stick to the old faithful vegetables and homemade entrees and you’ll look your very best!
  • Double check your boudoir bag to make sure you have every item you need. Lay out your lingerie choices with the jewelry and shoes you’ve chosen, then check your makeup bag and hair accessories. You’ll sleep better knowing you’re prepared!
  • Talking of which, treat yourself to an early night. Sleep is such an amazing medicine for dry skin, eye bags, signs of fatigue and so much more, not to mention that a rested boudoir babe is a glowing boudoir babe.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – every last inch of your skin. A deep moisture treatment can be a great idea if your skin doesn’t usually break out afterwards, though not to be recommended if it’s not something your body is used to.
  • Wear loose clothing without elastic bands to constrict your skin. You’ll wake up free from lines and marks, just flawless smooth skin all over!
  • Make sure to keep hydrated – drink water all day and evening. This will ensure your skin has the wonderful glow that the camera loves so much.
  • Now is a great time for a manicure and pedicure, especially if you won’t have time in the morning.
  • Stay out of the sun all day long – preferably all week. Nothing like an unanticipated tan line or burn to make you feel nervous in the studio!

Ready to book your session and start your journey towards that exciting “night before”? We’re so excited to work with you, so contact us at the studio to book your date!

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