Why choose Honeybourne Intimates?

You’re reading this page for one of two reasons: you’re interested in the idea of boudoir photography but not sure if it’s for you, or you’re ready to try this empowering experience for yourself and you’re looking for the right studio to help you do it. Well, let us give you a hand in making that decision!

Because boudoir photography is quite the trend these days, there are plenty of studios out there for you to choose from. Obviously, we’re a little biased – we think we can nail every one of the most important factors that should be guiding your choice! – but we also want you to feel absolutely confident before you lock yourself into a decision.

So, without further ado, here are the aspects of boudoir photography that we have identified over our years in the business as crucial to making sure that you don’t just get the photo album you’ve been dreaming of – you also have an amazing experience along the way!

Your Style: Everyone has different tastes, that’s a given. What appeals to you is important – you want to take home photos that dance in front of your eyes every time you look at them! Before you consider adding a studio to your shortlist, we recommend browsing the image gallery to make sure their style fits your tastes to a tee.

Your Privacy: How comfortable are you with the idea of your pictures being broadcast publicly? Some of our clients love to share their sexy selves, others prefer that those images are only ever seen by their significant other. We believe that choice should be yours entirely, so we also recommend checking with the studio to make sure they will only ever share your images with express permission. In case you’re wondering, we never share a single photograph without our client’s agreement.

Your Comfort: At Honeybourne Intimates, we’ve gone to great lengths to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere that even our most camera-shy clients will feel comfortable in. We want our clients to trust that we will cater to their every need, whether that means a female photographer or a closed set with no strangers wandering through. We strongly recommend making sure that the studio you pick has placed a focus on your comfort – not only because you will enjoy your experience much more, but because you’ll feel the confidence to pose for the camera that will make your photos sparkle!

Your Photographer: As well as making sure your photographer’s style matches yours, we’d suggest asking to talk with them in person before the shoot. The better the two of you get along, the more fun you’ll have in the session and the better your images will be!

Your Budget: Before you book your session, it’s only right that you feel comfortable with the price you’ll be paying. For that, we’d suggest checking into what packages your studio has to offer and making sure there are no hidden costs. That way, you’ll know before you set foot in front of the camera that you’ll be going home with all the products and pictures you have on your wishlist!

We pride ourselves at Honeybourne Intimates that our clients leave with a huge grin on their faces. We hope this post has answered some of the questions you have – if not, we are always available to help you make your decision. Please do give us a call or email us at the studio if we can help!

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Why choose Honeybourne Intimates?

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